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"If providing the complete web designing and development solutions comprise the fleet of our services then PHP web development is our flagship service".

Ever since our inception, we have been relying heavily on PHP development, the highly popular scripting language that is now an essential part of the LAMP architecture (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP), and the darling of web industry.

When it comes to deploying web applications, there is perhaps no parallel to PHP/LAMP.

What is PHP and Why We Prefer It

PHP now stands for Hypertext Preprocessor; it originally stood for Personal Home Page. Currently PHP is the widely used general-purpose programming language highly suitable for rapid application development (RAD).

10 Major Reasons to Choose PHP

There are many reasons to choose PHP web development over other technologies. The following are some of the main reasons. Here is the jargon-free list why PHP scores over many similar open source web development technologies.

  • PHP is free software that is extendible and constantly evolving
  • PHP is imperative, object-oriented, procedural and reflective
  • PHP is an ideal scripting language for server-side web development
  • PHP is most suitable for building dynamic web pages and applications
  • PHP is similar to most high-level languages like C, C++, Java and Perl in syntax
  • PHP is platform independent, i.e. it runs on almost all platforms
  • PHP is simple enough for even HTML coders to understand and integrate
  • PHP is technically superior and secure and it constantly updated for security and bug fixes
  • PHP is the most popular Apache HTTP Server module (as mod_php)
  • PHP is an Internet-aware system that allows access to FTP servers, database servers and SQL libraries such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc.

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Swing IT Services PHP Web Development Advantage

Having listed the major reasons why PHP is a preferable technology, we have created a distinct PHP programmer team made of educated, experienced and expert developers who understand the intricacies of PHP/LAMP. You can rely upon our PHP developer for all your web applications development needs. PHP web development is a simple, cost-effective, customizable way of creating and enhancing your web presence.

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