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WordPress Development and Customization

Swing IT Services is a Wordpress website development company which offers its 8 years worth of experience for the benefit of your wordpress blog designing, wordpress CMS customization, Wordpress Customization, Wordpress CMS website development, content editing and publishing initiatives. We aide your business in exploring the array of tools and features of this portal and optimizing the 'Content Management System' features it offers, only to meet your internet marketing goals and overall business targets.

We at Swing IT Services specialize in creating innovative plug-ins, customized plugins and themes, localizations, interesting themes and brand specific layouts that fit the requirements of a wordpress page. You can also leverage from our wordpress development capabilities that incorporate innovative graphics, other creative traits and programming functionalities that allow you to build an excellent page that boost business growth.

Try out our holistic services which aide you through the implementation and set up, migration of alternative CMS to the wordpress portal, comprehensive solution development, integration of template designs that meet your SEO goals, constant up-gradation as well as hosting services. Swing IT Services provides for the perfect platform if you intend to give your internet marketing strategies and wordpress development initiatives a refreshing twist. Our services promise to offer a large scope in expressing your brand personality and image on the web in a fresh and innovative manner.

Wordpress as Blog

Blog has become a defector for every company who wants to stay connected with its regular visitors or provide variety with Content in their sites. Wordpress is by default a Blog which can be used for the same purpose. But As all story of Open Source Ends at Customization, Wordpress also requires some Customization with Look and Feel. We provide corporate branding to the Wordpress Blog by giving a corporate touch and customizing it up to your requirements.

We find possibilities with using plug-ins offered by Wordpress Community and help expanding a Formal Blog from a Simple Blog Post network to a complete Blog with having Company Theme touch, Calendar, Quick Notes, Category, Archives and Many More.

Wordpress Design and Development

At Swing IT Services we follow all the latest technology updates and adopt them and make them available to our clients in almost all terms. All this includes mapping requirements with Solutions, checking the feasibility of Wordpress to launch you website. Design Customization, Plug-in Development and many more.

Swing IT Services differs for providing services in Wordpress in terms of quality than the competitor. We here having a stat-of-art development centre focus on the customer requirements and craft the entire Wordpress Package according which not only fits into customers business easily but become a advantage point for Internet Presence of the company or individual

Wordpress Integration

Many companies look for a very specific type of Job which is converting PSD into Wordpress Template and Integrating into Wordpress Platform. Swing IT Services addresses the integration issues very efficiently and provides services for that as well by offering Template Integration, Plug-in Integration. Outsourcing of such jobs become important when companies are having such jibs in good numbers and they need a right partner to address them with affordable rates and perfect timelines.

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Joomla Web Developers

Here at Swing IT Services, you can have services for;

  • Wordpress Customization,
  • Wordpress Template Design
  • Wordpress Template Development
  • Wordpress Plug-in Development
  • Wordpress Website Development
  • Wordpress Content Management Development
  • Wordpress SEO Services
  • Wordpress Content Management Maintenance
  • Wordpress Support

SWING IT SERVICES offers wordpress development services as following:

  • Wordpress Installation and Integration
  • Wordpress Custom theme development and Integration
  • Wordpress CMS Development
  • Wordpress Plugin Development
  • Wordpress theme customization
  • Wordpress Blog Development
  • Wordpress Website Development
  • Adding Wordpress blogs to existing websites
  • Migration to Wordpress
  • WordPress Multi user and Corporate Blogging

WordPress Consulting Services include the following:

  • WordPress site planning and architecture
  • Designing and Implementing
  • Migrating HTML website or a Legacy CMS to WordPress
  • Optimizing a WordPress site for Search Engines

Here are some reasons why you should consider using WordPress:

  • Publishing content is really intuitive
  • SEO friendly
  • Hundreds of Ad-ons that can more than satisfy your needs
  • Used by Fortune 500 companies
  • Open source, so free to use
  • Very active community
  • WordPress development is fun and completely customizable
  • WordPress developer are less expensive when compared to other proprietary CMS developers

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